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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

UFO: The Alien Ally UFO
"The Alien Ally"
Countdown #48, January 15, 1972
Writer: Unknown
Art: Jon Davis


A rogue Earth nation enters into an agreement with the aliens.


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This is a 6-page, self-contained story in Countdown #48, January 15, 1972.




The Balkan Republic of Moldavia featured in this story appears to be fictional. It's ruler, General Karasko, also so. There is a region of eastern Europe, mostly within Romania and the Ukraine, known as Moldavia, and it seems the Republic depicted here is a fictionalized version of a portion of that region. It's possible it's based on the nation of the Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic, a communist satellite nation of the Soviet Union from 1940-1991 and led during 1965-1989 by Nicolae Ceaușescu (Karasko?).


Page 1 describes the Republic of Moldavia as one of the few states still shunning membership in the world government. This is the first direct inference that Earth is largely under a central world government in the 1980s of the UFO universe. Later comic strip stories also mention the world navy ("Ghost Ship") and a world President ("Alien Brainwave").


The Matthews who is the driver of the Mobile in this story may be the same Matthews who later meets his death as an Interceptor pilot in "Computer Affair".


In panel 10 of page 3 of the story, Straker is leaning out of the right-hand window of his SHADOcar to speak to the Moldavian border guard even though other panels of the story depict the driver's side of the vehicle, accurately, on the left.


The Dvarkberg Mountains mentioned in this story appear to be fictional.


The native's description of legends of evil dwarfs in the Dvarkberg Mountains who carry off human children is reminiscent of European folklore which some modern Fortean researchers have attributed to extra- or ultra- terrestrial agents manifesting as dwarfs or other mythological beings throughout human history (see the works of John Keel and Jacque Vallee).


Apparently General Karasko pilots his own helicopter since Straker is easily able to steal it on page 5 of the story when Karasko leaves it to speak to the alien hiding in the Dvarkberg cave.


Apparently the Moldavians largely speak English since Straker is able to communicate with the soldiers to convince them of General Karasko's complicity in the aliens' plans to take human bodies. 


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