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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

UFO: The Haunted Mine UFO
"The Haunted Mine"
Countdown Annual 1973
Writer: Unknown
Artist: John Burns


The aliens have established a small base in some sealed off mining tunnels.


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This is an 8-page story that appeared in Countdown Annual 1973.




The story takes place at Frawley Colliery in England. A colliery is a British term for coal mine. This one appears to be fictitious.


On page 1, the coal miner called Davy has been hearing things in the old part of the mine and his co-worker gives him a hard time about ghosts, leaving Davy thinking, Go on, take the micky. "Take the micky" is a British term for being teased.


When he hears what he thinks is something trying to get out of the old, blocked mine shaft, Davy thinks, Stone the Crows! This is a British term of surprise.


Foster discovers a couple of UFOs hidden in the old mine shafts and tries to get back to the surface to report it to SHADO, but gets lost in the miles of tunnels. When some of the miners, also searching the tunnels for the missing Davy, catch Foster snooping around, they grab him and Foster explains about UFOs and the green-skinned aliens. But it seems unlikely he would be telling them that since the alien presence is still supposed to be a secret from the public! I suppose some SHADO personnel will be paying them a visit to apply the amnesia drug!


The aliens in this story wear entirely clear helmets on their heads instead of ones of the typical metal/plastic with a glass faceplate as seen in the past.


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