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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

UFO: The Destructive Decoy UFO
"The Destructive Decoy"
Countdown #93-95, November 23, 1972 - December 9, 1972
Writer: Unknown
Art: John Burns


SHADO tests a prototype defense craft designed to replace the Interceptors.


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This is a 3-part 9-page story serialized in Countdown #93-95, November 23, 1972 - December 9, 1972


For some reason, the first two pages of each 3-page chapter of this story are in color, with the third page in black-and-white.




This story introduces a new prototype Interceptor model called a Vanguard.



The two prototype Vanguards are housed in a newly excavated hangar connected to Moonbase. Note on page 2 of the story that the Vanguards launch from a door set into a hillside instead of being raised up on a platform from underground and through a moon crater as the Interceptors are.


Flying Vanguard 2 on page 6 of the story, Foster disregards Straker's order and goes after the second UFO, telling him that SHADO law states battle position takes priority in battle decision-making.


The Vanguards apparently carry at least two missiles. The standard Interceptor carries only one.


On page 9 of the story, Straker tells Foster, "Our boffins think the aliens are using an electrical impulse which creates hallucinations." "Boffin" is a British slang term for scientist or engineer. 




If the aliens were using some kind of electrical impulse to create hallucinations in the Vanguard pilots, how were they transmitting it? Why does it seemingly only affect Vanguard pilots? Did they somehow have someone involved in the Vanguard project who built some kind of hidden thought-wave projector into the prototypes?


Will the Vanguard model defense craft eventually be approved for deployment by SHADO?


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