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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

UFO: Spirit of Fear UFO
"Spirit of Fear"
TV Action #110-113 (March 24, 1973 - April 14, 1973)
Writer: Unknown
Artist: John Burns


A German scientist inadvertently invents a device that separates a person's spirit from its body...and the aliens want it!


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This is an 8-page story that appeared in TV Action #110-113, March 24, 1973 - April 14, 1973.




The story opens at the Lofthaussen Metaphysical Institute in Leignitz, Germany. Lofthaussen Metaphysical Institute is a fictional institution. And Leignitz, though a German city from 1871-1945, became part of Poland after WWII and was renamed Legnica.


On page 1 of the story, Dr. Frestein says guten morgen. This is German for "good morning".


Also on page 1, Walter says jawohl and Got(t) im himmel. These are German for "yes" and "God in heaven", respectively. And Horscht also says ja, which is a shorthand way of saying jawohl.


The scientists at the metaphysical institute discover that their new x-ray device can cause a person's spirit to leave their body when Walter accidentally walks into the path of the experimental beam. Before he walked into the beam, it had been trained on what appears to be a chimpanzee in a cage. Did the beam also make the chimp's spirit leave its body (assuming animals have a similar spirit or soul)?


Panel 8 of page 1 of the story describes three UFOs heading towards Earth from "a far-off galaxy". It seems extremely unlikely the aliens are targeting Earth from another galaxy! Especially since SHADO's rather primitive probe was able to follow a UFO back to the alien homeworld in "Close Up".


In this story, the aliens communicate with the humans via telepathy (although it's referred to as "programmed thought-waves").


On page 2 of the story, the alien is clearly intending to kill Walter when he shoots the man with his ray gun as the human walks in on the aliens and Horscht at the laboratory. So, why does Walter wake up later on page 3 with little more than a headache?


On page 3 of the story, SHADO has seemingly captured a UFO intact! This would be the first time a UFO did not self-destruct after being left unattended by the aliens for an extended period.


Apparently, the aliens have military ranks similar to those of Earth nations, as Horscht refers to the leader as "Major".


In panels 1 and 2 of page 4 of the story, the word balloons of Walter and Schnell have been transposed.


Realizing the spirits of the vandalizing aliens at headquarters emit an amount of coldness (as much as 30 degrees difference), a SHADO scientist adapts a ray gun's sighting sensors to respond to variations in temperature and programs the weapon to shoot antimatter. The problem with antimatter (at least in the real world) is that it causes mutual annihilation of any matter with which it comes into contact, making it extremely dangerous to use, even if a way could be found to contain it in a weapon!


Apparently, Straker and Frestein were exactly right in guessing there is a "controller" in the spirit world who would object to still-living spirits invading its realm and it chases the two aliens out of it and back into their bodies.


At the end of the story, SHADO has captured two live, uninjured aliens!


The spirit-separation device is destroyed by Dr. Frestein so it cannot be used again.




Is the UFO captured by SHADO still intact? Or did it self-destruct later?


Do the two captured aliens remain alive for study and interrogation by SHADO?


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