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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

UFO: Return of the Pharaoh UFO
"Return of the Pharaoh"
TV Action #129 (August 4, 1973)
Writer: Unknown
Artist: John Burns


The aliens promise to make a man the new pharaoh of Egypt.


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This is a 7-page story that appeared in TV Action #129 (August 4, 1973).




On page 1 of the story, Colonel Foster and Captain Asif await a consignment of Mobiles in Alexandria, Egypt, which is described as the country's main seaport. This is correct, the city lies along the Mediterranean coast.


This story reveals that SHADO is building a new base in Cairo, Egypt.


On page 1 of the story, Foster receives a red alert notice about an approaching UFO on a small wrist radio.


On page 2 of the story, Captain Carlin uses an unusual epithet, "Exploding meteors!" (No, there are no meteors, exploding or otherwise, in the scene.) He also uses "Great stars!" which at least sounds a little more believable.


A sandstorm briefly swallows Sky 1, causing the instruments to go crazy and almost causing Carlin to crash into a pyramid. Apparently he hasn't chased the UFO as far as Cairo, but the Giza pyramids just outside that city would be the only ones large enough to be a potential obstruction to low-flying aircraft. I guess these are fictitious pyramids existing only in the UFO universe.


Omar believes the aliens to be servants of Isis and Osiris, two of the main gods of ancient Egyptian mythology.


The aliens communicate with Omar telepathically. They promise him that he will become pharaoh. A line of pharaohs ruled ancient Egypt from around 3100-330 BC.


On page 3 of the story, Omar states that it is prophesied that Egypt shall return to her former glory in the Book of the Death. Presumably, this is meant to be a reference to the Book of the Dead, as there is no Book of the Death that I am aware of. The real world Book of the Dead is actually a selection of varying scrolls of funerary rites which the ancient Egyptians referred to as the Book of Coming Forth by Day; these books are meant to tell the soul of the deceased the proper procedures and incantations for proceeding to the afterlife, not prophecies of the fall and return of Egyptian glory.


Omar refers to himself as Lord of the Nile.


Omar plans to steal the treasure (jewelry and gold coins) of Ben-Sheba ram Baboth, which is about to begin a tour of museums around the world, believing they rightfully belong to whoever holds the throne of Egypt. This appears to be a fictitious treasure.


Omar wears a medallion around his neck featuring the likeness of a pharaoh's mask.


On page 4 of the story, Omar lands his UFO on the surface of the ocean, so apparently the craft are buoyant.


On page 5 of the story, Straker and Freeman make flight for Egypt on a SHADair fighter, a craft never seen in the TV series.

SHADair fighter


Carlin's name is misspelled "Karlin" on page 5.




Why did the aliens feel the need to have Omar bring in Straker? Did they really think an insane man with delusions of grandeur was going to be able to do it? Especially since he didn't have any existing ties to Straker or SHADO in the first place!


How did the aliens manage to turn an ancient pyramid into a base? Wouldn't there be archaeologists coming and going from the site all the time? Could Omar have been the head archaeologist of the site and he has somehow arranged to seal the site from intrusion?


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