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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

UFO: Operation Babylon UFO
"Operation Babylon"
TV Action Annual 1974
Writer: Unknown
Artist: Unknown (according to the former  Technodelic webiste, it was Jon Davis)


While SHADO seeks to expand its operations into some new countries, the aliens plot to stop it.


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This is an 8-page story that appeared in TV Action Annual 1974.


This was the final UFO comic strip published by TV Action.


The "Operation Babylon" of the title is the aliens' plot to turn the speech of the SHADO operatives into gibberish so they cannot communicate with each other and coordinate a defense against a UFO invasion. The title is derived from the Biblical story of the Tower of Babel in Babylon, where God is said to have caused humanity to use different languages in different parts of the world, instead of the single language once said to have been spoken by all, so that it became difficult for all to be understood.




SHADO has determined that it needs to set up bases in three European countries to help counter the UFO threat. The countries are not named and the map of the regions pointed to by Straker on page 1 of the story does not seem to conform to any nations of modern Europe of the time.


SHADO has new uniforms made at a clothing manufacturer in Essex. Essex is a county in England.


On page 1 of the story, the crashed automobile has a racing stripe on the side with the name Borg inside it. As far as I can tell, this is a fictitious brand of sports car.


It's a nice touch that the uniforms worn by Straker and Freeman as they greet the foreign heads of government at Harlington-Straker Studios don't have the SHADO emblem on them yet (so as not to compromise the organization's presence at the film studio). Once on the Moon with the dignitaries, the two have applied the standard SHADO emblem.


Page 3 of the story seems to state that the trip aboard the lunar module takes about four hours to get from Earth orbit to touchdown on the Moon.


Moonbase personnel are also seen wearing the new uniforms as Straker and Freeman take the dignitaries on a tour. The uniforms must have been brought along on the lunar module, because they are all apparently implanted with the tiny alien devices that were surreptitiously planted by the aliens during the earlier interception of the delivery van. I guess the Moonbase crew just got dressed in them really fast! Yet, this doesn't explain how personnel aboard the SID satellite are also wearing the compromised uniforms!


On page 5 of the story, Foster is seen taking off in a lunar module directly from the spaceport, without the usual airplane host to lift it to the upper atmosphere. Maybe SHADO has reverse engineered some captured UFO technology to improve the lift system of their lunar landers.


Apparently the lunar modules are now armed, because Foster shoots down a UFO that intercepts him on the way to the Moon.


On page 6 of the story, Foster seems to dispatch the alien sentry outside Moonbase by coldcocking him with his gun from behind. But the alien was wearing a space helmet, so how would that knock him out?


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