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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

UFO: Eyes of Terror UFO
"Eyes of Terror"
Countdown #78-82, August 12, 1972 - September 9, 1972
Writer: Unknown
Art: John Burns


The aliens have a new plan to take over SHADO personnel and destroy the organization from within.


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This is a 5-part, 15-page story serialized in Countdown #78-82, August 12, 1972 - September 9, 1972.


For some reason, the first two pages of each 3-page chapter of this story are in color, with the third page in black-and-white.




SHADO's "area red seven" is deep in the English countryside.


On page 1 of the story, a moving truck labeled Carter Haulage runs across a UFO landed in the middle of the highway. Carter Haulage appears to be a fictional company for the time, but an actual UK company by that name was established in 1979.


The alien hijacks the Carter Haulage truck and drives off in it, complete with trailer. Yet, on page 2, panel 6, the trailer is seen still sitting on the highway at the hijack location as Freeman races off in search of it!


On page 1, panel 7 of the story, the end of the eye's word balloon is " will do as say." It should read, " will do as we say."


On page 8 of the story, a SHADAIR air controller refers to a type of plane as a SHADAIR Amphibian, but it appears to be one of the planes previously called an Albatross (see "Sub-Smash" and "Reflections in the Water").


Page 10 of the story reveals that Sky 1 can be armed with a nuclear payload when so ordered by SHADO HQ.


Page 11 of the story suggests that Freeman is somehow capable of acts of superhuman strength under the hypnotic command of the alien eye. 




How did the aliens know about the shipment of SHADO jackets so it could tag them for tracking? I guess they still have one or two informants in the organization.


Why don't the aliens use the hypnotic eyes more often? They could carry some around for use on their missions whenever they encounter a troublesome human.


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